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Narail Express Foundation
The Narail Express Foundation is a non-profit Narail-based charity, founded by Bangladeshi Politician and Cricketer Mashrafe Mortaza in 2017, that provides education and healthcare services for the underprivileged in Bangladesh.
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The Narail Express Foundation About this soundlisten is a non-profit Narail-based charity, founded by Bangladeshi Politician and Cricketer Mashrafe Mortaza in 2017, that provides education and healthcare services for the underprivileged in Bangladesh.

Narail Express sets some goals at the beginning, they are:

1) To make Narail one of the best accommodation of the generation.

2) To ensure that the people of Narail, who are in Narail, get all the benefits of internationally agreed citizenship/enhancing civil facilities.

3) Narail’s overall health service quality improvement. A CCU is opened to ensure emergency treatment at the primary level. Ensure quality of all hospitals and clinics in Narail and launch 111 services.

4) To introduce special education system in Narail along with general education and international standard.

5) To make moral and humanistic education compulsory.

6) Narail’s youth society should find its way from Narail to his career, so that no one should leave Narail in the persecution of life.

7) To establish Narail as a cultural and sports capital.

8) To establish the Chitra river as an attractive tourist city.

9) Establish Narail as the ‘Silicon City’ of Bangladesh.

10) Transforming the district town into an ICT one and making an entertainment-friendly city


IPDC Finance,  A financial institution, Biggest partner of Narail Express Foundation, signed an agreement with Narail Express Foundation for providing and baring all the cost for 3 years coaching and training towards Football Cricket and Volleyball academy run by Narail Express Foundation, also sponsored for building up a modern Fitness Center for the players and others who lived in Narail, IPDC Finance.

Prescription Point. In April 2018, an agreement was signed with the clinic and the diagnosis center “Prescription Point” to advance Narail’s medical care. According to the agreement, all types of health services will be available at Banani and Badda branches of ‘Prescription Point’ with a discount of fifty percent only for the poor people who lives in Narail .

Thyrocare.  In May 2018, an agreement was signed with Thyrocare Technologies Limited so that the people of Narail will be able to get more than 400 blood tests sitting in Narail at the highest discount rate, including cancer detection.

Atish Dipankar University. On 14 May 2019 Atish Dipankar University of Science and Technology signed an agreement with Narail Express Foundation, which will allow at least twenty poor talented students every year to study for 100% free scholarships at the university for the students of Narail for next 15 years time.

Pran Drinking Water. From December 2017,  Narail Express Foundation logo will be used on the bottles of Pran Drinking Water for that Pran will provide financial support to Foundation’s hospital in return.

Unilever Bangladesh. signed an agreement for building up 2 modern public Toilet in Narail also will help to improve the sanitation facilities among the school in Narail also help to develop facility for pure drinking water facility in public places.

support. An agreement was recently signed between the Narail Express Foundation and Sahin’s Helpline to implement it. Sahin’s helpline will work primarily on how to develop youth skills through training.

Charity events

Narail Express Foundation organized the “Concert for the Helpless” to help people who are disadvantaged by Narail. Some of the country’s first class artists come to the occasion to sing. The proceeds from this concert will be spent on the welfare of the disadvantaged people.


The Narail Express Foundation continues to play a role in achieving the UN’s sustainable development goals in social innovation and digital skills. It has been selected from 26 foundations across the country.

Social activities

  1. Narail Express Foundation has installed closed circuit cameras around the city to secure the security of Narail’s people.
  2. Under the management of the “Narail Express Foundation”, talented soccer, cricket and volleyball players will be selected from the remote areas and for the final phase, twenty five players from each department will be provided free training throughout the year. The ‘Narail Express Foundation’ will be participating in the Second Division Football and Cricket Games next year. These players will participate in national level play after proper training. Besides, this training will also create an opportunity for these players to be employed in public and private.
  3. Narail Express Foundation distributes free rice seeds among one thousand farmers. The Foundation has been contributing to the development of the society at various times. This time, the seeds of advanced varieties were distributed with the initiative of the Foundation and in collaboration with the International Rice Research Institute.
  4. Narail Express Foundation gets ambulance gifted by Rangpur Riders, underprivileged people will be able use this ambulance in Narail District.
  5. Narail Express Foundation and Badar Uddin-Hinguljan Smiriti Library in Magura has jointly arranged a daylong eye camp at Sharif Abdul Hakim Diabetic Hospital in Narail.
  6. Narail Express Foundation organized financial support for the poor patients with ‘the Rugi Welfare Society’, at Abdul Hamik Diabetic Hospital, Mahisakhola.
  7. 1500 blankets have been distributed among the poor cold effected people by the initiative of Narail Express Foundation.
  8. Narail Express Foundation has provided solar lights for nearly 100 families in all areas where electricity has not yet been reached.
  9. 5 lakh, 10 hajar BDT was distributed to forty-three poor and helpless people under the initiative of Narail Express Foundation.
  10. Under the program ‘Bangladesh Food Aid Ramadan 2019’ funded by the Ichha Foundation and the Narail Express Foundation, with the support of the Al-Imdad Foundation, various food items worth 10 lakh BDT have been provided among the 400 poor families of Narail.